You can’t reinvent the wheel: But you can add traction

Work in the Creative Garage is all about engineering Customer Success.



And we believe that the currency of Customer Success is ‘advocacy’. Something that is unlikely to occur unless Marketers apply a level of consistency to their messaging.

So our planners endeavour to steer away from contriving temporary campaign themes. Instead, they focus on finding new channels and mechanisms for amplifying the relevance and value of existing propositions.

To ensure the best chances of Customer Success; Creative Garage is represented by a carefully curated pool of talented and experienced communications consultants, designers and program managers, whose skills are organised into three service strands:


This offering is about finding smarter ways to connect brands with audiences. This might involve the utilisation of traditional comms channels. But we are more likely to suggest that Marketers dive into brave digital executions across multiple social channels – whilst we believe that brands need to communicate with target audiences on their terms.


This offering integrates with our Content Marketing offering, whilst connected audiences will often hear about and consider participating in experiences well-before the ‘moment of truth’. Of course, they will also share their views about their experiences, so a robust engagement approach is required.

The Creative Garage engagement approach inspires the realisation and development of ‘authentic’ real-world and virtual experiences – that are smart, meaningful and enjoyable.


This service offering is for clients who have a concept requiring strategic communications planning and experiential design at scale. Whether to commercialise a brand experience or bring an entertainment format to life; Creative Garage and it’s partner Goose Live Events, have the ability and experience to model, promote, develop and deliver large scale public events – as demonstrated with our work on the Silverstone Classic, Regent Street Motor Show and London to Brighton Veteran Car Run.

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