Our approach: Simple Science – Not a dark force

Here’s a story about the way we approach a brief, organise our thoughts and develop a response.

The team at Creative Garage has developed a simple yet highly effective audience engagement model to convey the purpose and context of our clients’ products and services and, in turn, help them increase brand equity and commercial gains:

1) we start by interrogating each brief to clearly define ‘desired outcomes’;

2) we research target audiences to better understand their mindsets, what they are influenced by and by which mechanisms;

3) we categorise key messages into two pools: i) intellectual engagement; and ii) emotional engagement; and only then…

4) we conceptualise and engineer communications and experiences that allow audiences to understand (intellectually) and value (emotionally) what a given proposition means to them – on their terms*.

(*Channels and environments that our clients’ target audiences are most comfortable and familiar with.)

The benefit of this approach increases the likelihood of trial, purchase and advocacy. Advocacy being; the holy grail for marketers at play in the connected economy. Advocacy is also wholly measurable for ROI modelling – when using systems such as NPS.

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