Welcome to our content hub. The evolving story about what inspires us and what we do with that inspiration.

So we’re a start-up. A creative start-up. And like many other start-ups; things probably look a bit modest at first glance.

Yet our ambitions are well formed, and they are backed-up by many years of communications consultancy and design management experience. Plus, we benefit from a great partnership with our parent company ‘Goose Live Events’ and shared leadership from Nick Wigley, who also founded the acclaimed agency ‘Project Worldwide’.

The team at Creative Garage has a well-defined purpose and a robust game plan.

We’re content marketers and experience designers, driven by an abject desire to create branded communications and connected experiences that are smart, meaningful and enjoyable.

“We engineer anticipation, excitement and understanding by amplifying the purpose and context of brands.”

And on our quest to help audiences understand how specific products and services can be relevant in their lives; we won’t allow ourselves to be misdirected by conventional marketing tactics.

Some might call us “Disrupters”. Others may choose to be less polite! But we prefer to think of ourselves, quite simply, as a team that is compelled to go the extra mile to design and engineer ‘moments of truth’ for audiences that consume media on ‘their’ terms.

Indeed, we love the fact that today’s consumers are more connected and opinionated than ever. They demand total authenticity – which calls for bold ideas from brave Marketers.

So if you want some refreshingly innovative ideas, that will cut-through with purpose, context and substance; we’d be delighted if you knock on the Creative Garage door.

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